Monday, February 19, 2007

Berlin Photos

The Tracey Fragments wins the Manfred Salzgeber Prize, makes sales to Canada & Portugal

The Tracey Fragments returned from the Berlin International Film Festival a winner, with sold-out screenings, sales and having earned the Manfred Salzgeber Prize.

The Prize is dedicated to Manfred Salzgeber, the former Panorama director, who helped shape the Berlinale profile. A jury of three chooses a film "that broadens the boundaries of cinema today" from amongst the entries to the Panorama programme.

The prize caps off a fantastic world premiere for the film with overfull cinemas and warm receptions by the Berlinale audiences. Bruce McDonald reported that the experience “surpassed our expectations” and regarding the award:

“I am so honoured on behalf of the ‘Tracey’ team to win a prize for innovative filmmaking. It’s an amazing end to a great festival.”

As well as the prize, The Tracey Fragments completes the festival with sales to Odeon Films/Motion Picture Distribution Inc. for all Canadian rights and all rights to Atalanta Films in Portugal.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007