Monday, January 28, 2008

Ellen Page, Bruce McDonald and a total of 6 Genie Noms for The Tracey Fragments

The nominees for the 28th annual Genie Awards were announced today by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television (ACCT) and The Tracey Fragments has been nominated for 6 awards in an “outstanding year for Canadian film and film making talent” according to ACCT CEO Sara Morton.

Congratulations to Ellen Page, who can add another “Best Actress” nomination to her banner year with a nomination for her stunning performance in the role of Tracey in The Tracey Fragments.

Bruce McDonald was nominated for achievement in Direction for the daring film, and writer Maureen Medved was nominated for Adapted Screenplay, from her own novel of the same title.

The film garnered a nomination for Jeremiah Munce and Gareth C. Scales for Editing the film with a innovative and dazzling split screen presentation. Steven Munro, John Sievert, David Drainie Taylor were nominated for Achievement in Sound Editing, and John Hazen, Matt Chan and Brad Dawe for Achievement in Overall Sound.

We sincerely congratulate all our nominees who gave so much of their talent and passion for this film.

The Genie Awards will be presented March 3, 2008

We urge ALL ACADEMY MEMBERS to vote for us!

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