Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Tracey Fragments Soundtrack Album

Click on the link below for the "The Playlist" write up on the upcoming soundtrack album for The Tracey Fragments!

The album features songs and score from the film (including tracks by Broken Social Scene, Fembots, Duchess Says and Rose Melburg)

And tracks by Slim Twig (who played Billy Zero in the film) and The Deadly Snakes, a much beloved band by all the Tracey crew, not to mention that Max McCabe-Lokos (who plays Lance in the film) was a member.

I think the release date might be wrong - since my info says the release date is May 13, but the rest of the write up is awesome:

:: The Playlist ::: Exclusive: 'Tracey Fragments' Soundtrack Due April 29, Features New Broken Social Scene Songs, Fembots And The Deadly Snakes


The Playlist said...

Hey, thanks for the link. We got the release date from Amazon US and ran it by Lakeshore records who didn't seem to have qualms with it, but we'll fix if that's the case.

We're dying to see this film! Big fans of McDonald and BSS (and we're Canucks to boot!)

if you can hook us up with U.S. Press screening info that'd be rad.


Tony said...

The TRACEY FRAGMENTS Soundtrack MySpace page is now live!

The Playlist said...

You guys were right, btw. Lakeshore goofed on their date when they emailed us. We corrected it as soon as they noticed.