Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tracey Fragments Soundtrack - get yours today!

Just a reminder that the Soundtrack Album for The Tracey Fragments is available TODAY!

Featuring original music by Broken Social Scene, a cover of Patti Smith's Horses (hey, did you know Ellen named her dog after the singer?) and a collection of awesome Canadian indie music INCLUDING offerings from actors in the film Max McCabe Lokos (Lance) who was a member of the late great Deadly Snakes and a blistering track from Slim Twig (Billy Zero, Tracey's fantasy boyfriend) !

Get yours wherever you buy your music, and check out samples from the album on the myspace page




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Anonymous said...

Question: Where can I find the music credits/entire track listing? I read on Wikipedia that there are Foals and Land of Talk songs featured in the movie, but I can't find the track names anywhere. Thanks!