Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Toronto - The Tracey Fragments DVD Launch and Giveaway!

Hi All,

For those of you in Toronto who have missed The Tracey Fragments in it's big screen awesomeness, or just want a chance to see it again and catch up with the director Bruce McDonald;

Come out this SUNDAY JULY 6TH to THE ROYAL - 9.15pm
608 College Street

DVD Launch - Giveaways of DVDs (with bonus features including interviews on the set with Ellen Page and Bruce McDonald), the original soundtrack album - featuring new music by Broken Social Scene, comic books and even a few of the exclusive and impossible to buy anywhere - Posters!

ALSO - World Premiere screening of the finalists and winning entries of the Tracey: Re-Fragmented contest, cut from footage of the film.

and FINALLY, a special sneak peek at something new from director Bruce McDonald, come on down and ask him about it.

The Tracey Fragments is available on DVD in the US and Canada JULY 8th! Pre-order HERE:


Matthew said...

I work at Blockbuster and recently watched this movie and I couldn't believe how great it was. I enjoy Ellen Page as an actress but this movie made me respect her a lot more. Amazing way of expressing a character. The style I thought was something a film student would do but it was so damn affective that it was probably the best way that style could have been used. Congrats and if you have any extra posters let me know! my e-mail is

I wish I could attend the event!

alexjackson1976gmail said...

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johntjohnston said...

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